Volunteering with the Friends

Considering hospital volunteering? What's in it for you?

You will be valued and feel part of the community.
You get the chance to look outside yourself, and to hear about other peoples lives.
You may be taking part in a young people's award scheme, where voluntary work is a requirement.
You may be considering a career in nursing, therapy or medicine and want to get some experience of working life in a hospital.
It may help to give you confidence and the ability to communicate with others.
Whatever your reasons, if you decide to volunteer for the Friends of York Hospitals, we will try to help you enjoy it and get satisfaction from the effort you put in.

We have a Volunteer Policy in place and aim to offer a good level of volunteer support while upholding NHS requirements.Our volunteers are supported on a day-to-day basis by an Administator and Volunteer Coordinator (AVC) Andy White.

What do our volunteers do?

Our volunteers serve patient refreshments on wards and in outpatient clinics, show new patients and visitors how to get to their destinations, and provide newspaper delivery and mobile library services. Other volunteers help stroke patients with one-to-one communication, keep children occupied with arts and crafts activities, and we have a small but lively singing group who help to raise patients' spirits. Our fundraising volunteers raise money at collections and stalls. Finally our Trustees - who are also all volunteers - decide which new items of equipment or hospital services to support financially and take management decisions.

Most of our volunteer roles involve taking on a weekly (or sometimes fortnightly) slot of between 2 and 3 hours. For further details about what our different volunteer roles involve please refer to the Role Description links on our Documents page here or contact the AVC.
To download an Application Form - the first step in becoming a volunteer - please click here.

Please return the Application Form either by post to the address on our Homepage, or scanned as an email attachment to: andrew.white@york.nhs.uk .

We look forward to hearing from you!